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Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Course


Who Needs to Know Emergency O2

  • Any person who might be called upon to directly administer or assist in the provision of O2 in the event of an emergency


    1. All boat divers
    • All charter dive boat captains
    • All personal dive boat operators
    • All divemasters
    • All instructors
    • All pool administrators
    • All lifeguards
    • All resort/aquarium divers
    • All resort/aquarium support personnel
    • Any persons involved in swim or dive training
    • All persons diving in remote areas with delayed 911 response times


  • PADI divers working towards their Master Scuba Diver designation can apply this specialty towards the required five. Also may substitute for portions of required Rescue Diver course.


Course Philosophy and Goals

Oxygen, water, and food are fundamentally important to all animals.Of these three basic essentials for the maintenance of life, the lack of oxygen leads to death most rapidly. First aid with emergency oxygen is useful or necessary as a treatment for many injuries, diseases and intoxications that interfere with oxygen reaching the blood or tissues. For recreational scuba divers, emergency oxygen is the primary first aid given to individuals suffering from a near drowning or decompression illness (lung overexpansion injuries and decompression sickness). Providing emergency oxygen has become the standard of practice for treating injured scuba divers since it provides oxygen to starved tissues and aids in bubble reduction. Having emergency oxygen immediately available at dive locations is especially important to divers suffering from these maladies. Along with the availability of oxygen at dive sites, first responders must know how to provide oxygen in an emergency.

It is the goal of the Emrgency Oxygen Provider Specialty course to train all divers (PADI Junior Open Water Divers and above) and those in a position to help divers (boat captains, lifeguards, etc.) in the proper use of emergency oxygen. This entry-level emergency oxygen course also teaches the recognition of diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen, but the specific details of dive accident response and management are left to the PADI Rescue Diver course. The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty course may be used as an enhanced substitute for the emergency oxygen training provided in the PADI Rescue Diver course. Beginning recreational divers completing this course are also encouraged to become PADI Rescue Divers. For those supervising recreational divers, it is highly recommended that those individuals achieve a PADI Divemaster rating.

This is a relatively short course and is taught "dry" meaning no diving is required. It does not have an eLearning on-line option. Required student materials include a course manual and a non-rebreather oxygen mask/bag. Course location is extremely flexible due to the nature of the training. Manual pre-reading is required. Class time is approximately 3 hours.

Group Courses

Aqua Clara Dive Schools of Florida, Inc. will work with most organizations interested in training employees, volunteers, contract staff, and others. If you have a group training scenario in mind, please email us by clicking on the above link.

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