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Why should I take this course you are asking yourself? I have been diving for years, I own my own gear, and I know my way around a piston versus a diaphragm regulator.

Conversely, if you just got certified as an Open Water diver, you have been given rudimentary equipment knowledge but not too much more. There are dozens, possibly hundreds, of pieces of gear which were not introduced in your entry level class. You may never have the need for a sophisticated rebreather... but wouldn't it be cool to be able to keep up with the conversation when your buddies start talking about them. How about drysuit diving? If you live in Florida you may feel no need to know more about that. Until that is you attempt a January Gulf of Mexico dive when the water temp is 58F or you want long bottom times in the north Florida springs. How do you select the best drysuit for you?

We are just skimming the surface here. For the more experienced diver, there is always new gear to know more about. Nobody is ever 100% on top of gear innovations. For the new diver, getting a good baseline knowledge established will prove extremely valuable over his/her diving career. 





PADI Equipment Specialist Course

Course Objectives

The Equipment Specialist course is a non-diving PADI specialty course. At the mutual discretion of the PADI Instructor and student divers, a confined water session may be included to "test" dive new equipment and/or configurations. If the course is not already conducted in one, a "field" trip to a fully stocked PADI retail operation will also be held for additional hands-on experience with gear and discussions with repair technicians.

The purpose of the PADI Equipment Specialist course is to familiarize divers with the operation and maintenance of diving equipment. It is absolutely not an equipment-repair course. Training relative to the repairing and overhauling of equipment, except for very minor servicing, is not part of this course curriculum.

During the course, time will be equally divided between academic and practical sessions. The goals of PADI Equipment Specialist training are to:

  • Develop a diver's practical knowledge of the theory, principles and operation of diving equipment

  • Enable a diver to perform routine, recommended care and maintenance procedures

  • Enable a diver to store equipment properly

  • Provide divers with simple suggestions for comfortable equipment configurations

  • Introduce divers to new equipment.


To qualify for the Equipment Specialist course, an individual must:

1. Be certified as a PADI Scuba Diver, Junior Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water Diver or have qualifying certifications from another training organization

2. Be 10 years of age or older

Upon Completion of the Equipment Specialist Course

Certification as a PADI Equipment Specialist means that you should be able to:

  • Decide which diving equipment maintenance procedures you can do and which should be left to professionals

  • Properly care for and maintenance your diving equipment

  • Apply for the rating of Master Scuba Diver if you are a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or have a qualifying certification from another organization) and a PADI Rescue Diver (or have a qualifying certification from another organization) with certification in five PADI Specialty ratings (i.e., this one and four others) and 50 logged dives

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"The PADI Equipment Specialist course has saved many a dive. First and foremost, gear of those properly trained is well maintained and there are fewer 'surprises.'  Secondly, when a minor equipment malfunction does occur, those same divers seem to know what the cause is, reach into their bag for a repair part, and effect a fix. Sitting out an expensive charter boat dive due to a blown o-ring or a torn regulator mouthpiece can be damaging to the soul! "

-- Aqua Clara Dive, 2012





Divers using DPV they rented from dive shop


DUI TLS Drysuit Test - Manatee Springs 2011


Deep diving in tropics


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Lion Fish in Fiji Islands

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